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  • Ellis Gelios

Costly hay shed fire erupts at Buckleboo

A property in Buckleboo in South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has been devastated by a large hay shed and machinery fire Friday morning.

Alerts were issued to the CFS at 7am Friday morning, with two crews eventually arriving on the property, located on Woolford Road.

In a distressing blow to the property owner, damages to lost possessions reportedly total $1 million dollars as crews were unable to save the shed’s contents.

A Caterpillar tractor, a chaser bin and a boom sprayer were just some of the items included in the property lost due to the blaze.

While crews have managed to contain the blaze it is expected the property may continue to burn out for the remainder of the day as hay smoulders.

Local residents are advised to show caution if they are located near or are passing the property due to visibility concerns from smoke. On Friday morning the CFS indicated crews would remain at the property to monitor the site ensuring the threat is reduced before vacating the area.


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