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Coalition, Morrison support ebbs: Newspoll

The coalition and Labor are neck-and-neck in popular support but Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approval rating has slipped amid new state lockdowns and criticism of the government's pandemic response.

The federal government and Labor opposition both recorded 39 per cent of voter support in the latest Newspoll, published in The Australian. Satisfaction with Mr Morrison has fallen by four points to 51 per cent in the fresh poll, while the number of voters claiming they were dissatisfied with the prime minister rose by four points to 45 per cent.

The government's primary vote fell by two points while federal Labor's rose by the same amount over the three-week period. This combined four-point shift has Labor now leading the coalition 53-47 on an estimated two-party preferred basis.

The Newspoll results come amid criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and new outbreaks of the viral disease that have sparked lockdowns in NSW and Victoria and interstate border restrictions.

The poll was conducted July 14-17 with 1506 voters in metropolitan and regional areas.

Satisfaction with the federal government's management of the vaccine rollout has further waned, with 40 per cent of respondents claiming they were satisfied and 57 per cent claiming otherwise.

This compares with 50 per cent saying they were satisfied with the handling of vaccine rollout - and 46 per cent otherwise - in the previous Newspoll last month.

The results contrast with earlier in the year when the coalition enjoyed substantially better approval for its handling of the coronavirus.

Outbreaks of the Delta COVID-19 variant triggered stringent lockdown restrictions in NSW with millions of residents largely confined to their homes and most retailers forced to shut their doors.

Victoria is currently in a five-day lockdown following outbreaks there, with the state's premier warning it is too early to tell if the restrictions will be extended.

Early this month, Mr Morrison announced a four-phase plan to move away from lockdowns and restrictions once enough of the population is vaccinated.


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