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  • Ellis Gelios

Chief tipster back for the good oil on US, UK, Aust. football

Eddie Dadds gives his raw reaction to the NFL Superbowl and discusses the latest stories to come out of 'the weird world of sports'

Eddie Dadds appeared on the Arvo Flow sports hour this week, phoning in from Vancouver to discuss the 2023 Superbowl and whether the Chiefs were good value and what his thoughts were on the half-time entertainment.

Other discussion points included Nick Riewoldt making a shock appearance on American TV, the baffling moment in Scottish football between Rangers and Patrick Thistle in the Scottish Cup from last weekend and an NRL player coming clean over the 'toilet cubicle' footage which infamously circulated across the net.

Dadds, in his role as a pundit on the SC Playbook website, also offered his thoughts ahead of the 2023 AFL season which kicks off next month.


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