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  • Rikki Lambert

Chicken lovers rejoice after Gannawarra reprieve

On the limit - one more chook and she'd need a permit

Gannawarra residents have spoken and council has backed away from a plan to require permits to keep chickens on land under 5000 square metres in size.

In February council endorsed a revised Local Law after significant community concern about the chicken-keeping rules.

Mayor Charlie Gillingham said:

"More than 80 per cent of responses received outlined concerns regarding the requirement that a permit would be required to keep poultry on land under 0.5 hectares in size other than farm land.
“As a result of this feedback, residents living on land up to one hectare in size, except for farm land or those living in flats, units or townhouses, can keep up to six chickens without requiring a permit. This matches laws that have been in place since the adoption of the previous version of Council’s Local Laws."

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