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Bushfire near Lucindale in lower SE tests fire crews

Over 150 fire fighters from both South Australia and Victoria were on site during Friday morning to contain a blaze near Lucindale.

Crews were working to contain fires ravaging through bluegum plantations, scrub and grassland and are being assisted by numerous support outfits and other fire-fighting resources.

Searing conditions have hampered efforts to contain the bushfire and the perimeters of the fire are being continually monitored.

Numerous smoke sightings have been reported by residents in surrounding areas.

Member for MacKillop Nick McBride provided Flow with an eyewitness account of the fire today, highlighting the number of dangerous elements challenging crews and the community.

“What happened yesterday is it jumped the containment lines, we’ve had winds in a south-easterly direction around 30 or 40 kilometres an hour and embers from this forest are leaving the fire and travelling four-to-six beyond the breaks, beyond the fire and then starting up new spot fires out into pastures and paddocks.
“That will be a major concern again for today – I’ve just driven past it in the last 20 minutes, I’ve just seen two airplanes flying over and then at the same time looking south from where I was travelling there’s a small amount of smoke again billowing from this fire area.
“I have no doubt that those planes were going there to put water on this flare-up and no doubt that this is the sort of thing they’ll be fighting all today.”

Listen to the full interview with Nick McBride on FlowNews24's podcast, including a conversation about the ALP opposition's call for health funding in the South East, and a recent shutdown at the Naracoorte meatworks:

Nearby traffic has been impacted with road closures from Conmurra Rd and Legges Lane and Andres Land which are only accessible to residents living in the direct vicinity of the roads and emergency services.

Local farmer and Nationals candidate for Mackillop, Jonathan Pietzsch, shared photos on Facebook of his involvement in containing the fire:

Liberal MP McBride gave some further background on the lead up to Friday's fire caution:

“This fire's been going now for three days, this is the third morning, third day – started by some machinery, in amongst forestry type operations...we’ve got a major fire in forestry resource and native vegetation.
“We’ve got warm-dry weather, we’ve had a warm-dry summer and maybe a cool-dry spring and there’s a fair amount of fuel around and this fire is, let’s say, very hard to get to the crux of it to put it out by the authorities and all that are working on it.”


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