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  • Jason Regan

Bowls Thrives in SA despite COVID-19

Lawn Bowls is thriving in South Australia with participation numbers as strong as ever according to the president of the Bowls SA board Tim Dodds.

The sport has faced significant challenges throughout the pandemic with a traditionally older membership base being the highest risk category for COVID-19.

Mr Dodds says Bowls SA has worked diligently alongside its member clubs to follow all SA Health guidelines to protect its members across the state from the virus.

Despite the lack of accessibility to regular competitions and access to indoor facilities and clubrooms, Lawn Bowls is one of the good news stories of sports emerging from the pandemic stronger than it went in.

Mr Dodds said the number of pennant players across the state remains strong and those playing the game on a social level is exploding.

"It's one of those games that people of all ages and all abilities can play," said Dodds.
"We've got about 12,500 people playing pennant competitions across the state, which is the competitive side to our game.
"But even more, some 20,000 are play bowls socially. This includes social night owls competitions are drawing great numbers and introducing more people to the sport".

Dodds told FLOW FM Australia's Sports Fix host Jason Regan that it's an exciting time for elite bowlers in SA, and across the country, with the Commonwealth Games coming up which he described as the pinnacle for the sport.



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