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  • Ellis Gelios

Barossa United senior sides kick off in their field of dreams

Field of Dreams - Barossa United's new pitch is a hit

Rikki Lambert returned to the Flow FM Friday Sports Show this week for Episode 2 of Being Barossa United, Flow FM's new sports segment exploring the latest news and events from inside the four walls of the Hoffman Oval, Nuriootpa based club.

In the latest edition of the segment, Flow focussed on the senior men's and women's teams as the winter soccer season nears, with the men's side completing their first Cup match of the season.

The club now has 21 competitive teams and a junior development program with 28 youngsters, 316 registered players and 23 per cent of their playing ranks are female.

After hanging up his playing boots, Lambert discussed the rigors of junior coaching, particularly where very long car trips are concerned across central South Australia.

Lambert also weighed in on the club's pathways from junior to senior selection, as an increasing number of talented Barossa girls are being given opportunities to impress at a senior level in 2023.


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