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  • Ellis Gelios

Australia's 2023 harvest to produce the third biggest canola crop ever

Despite Australian growers grappling with uncertainty over the past few months, the country is in for a bumper canola crop this season.

Canola fields in South Australia's Clare Valley region. Photo credit: Facebook page

Nikki Reynolds from The Weekly Times newspaper reported that Australian growers could be about to enjoy the nation's third biggest canola crop in history.

"The 2022 to 2023 season actually produced 7.9 million tonnes of canola but interestingly the upcoming season for 2023-2024 is possibly going to be the third largest - It's currently tipped at 5.59 million tonnes so not quite the highs that we saw in the most recent season or the last season but it's still really good and if we look at the information coming out of the Australian Oil Seeds Federation, it just shows what an important role this particular crop plays in our rotation," Reynolds said.

"It's a really well-known great crop, we see it very much throughout the Riverina and southern New South Wales and into Victoria and then obviously Western Australia plays a really crucial role in this one as NSW we've seen 840,000 hectares of canola planted with an estimated yield of 1.2 million tonnes, South Australia has 275,000 hectares planted with a yield expectation of around 550,000 tonnes for South Australia but we've got to really look to the West.

"Whether we make these records or not always comes down to Western Australia It has the lion's share in terms of production, something like 1.8 million hectares across WA and we really need to see what they could yield - at the moment they're talking about 2.5 million tonnes just from the West, so it's always Western Australia that gets us over the line," said Reynolds.


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