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  • Rikki Lambert

Australia needs to shape animal welfare global developments: CVO

The director-general of the World Organisation for Animal Health is visiting Australia for the first time in early November and the host nation's top vet says it's important for Australia's animals sector that it shapes the WOAH's animal welfare agenda.

Dr Monique Éloit will visit Australia in conjuction with her visit to Singapore-hosted World One Health Congress.

Chief veterinary officer Dr Mark Schipp told Flow on Tuesday it was important Australia was part of the conversation on animal welfare to give Australians the best chance that global standards are not an excessive impost for producers and animal owners:

"The (WOAH) standards were adopted by us when we adopted the standards for live export of animals and slaughter of live animals in our abattoirs. It's important we are able to influence those standards so that they reflect good practice in Australia and that we accept those standards and are able to trade on the basis we are using internationally accepted animal welfare standards.
"It's important that we influence the standards so they do not put in place standards that we can't comply with or that are unreasonable."

Dr Schipp explained that the WOAH also certifies Australia's status as being free for trading purposes of hundreds of pests and diseases, including six key trade-exposed viruses such as foot-and-mouth disease.

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below where we discuss with CVO Dr Mark Schipp Australia's efforts on varroa mite, Japanese encephalitis and foot-and-mouth disease.


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