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Army charging for electric vehicle use by decade's end

The army is working towards using hybrid electric vehicles in operations by the end of the decade with plans to electrify its fleet from about 2035.

Australia could be using electric army vehicles in operations by the end of the decade and is working to convert its fleet from 2035.

Army chief Simon Stuart said the military was able to produce an electric Bushmaster but that was to test the parameters of power generation. 

The lieutenant general said he was hoping to have something in operation by 2030 but it would likely be a hybrid vehicle in order to meet requirements.

"We've got a number of studies that are under way to look at power generation and electrification of various size wheeled and tracked vehicles," he told a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

Lieutenant General Stuart said it made sense to deploy new and emerging technologies in the army.

Trials of electric and hydrogen vehicles in the ACT from next year will be used to inform how the defence force can transfer that technology into operational capability.

Plans are also in place to convert army fleets into electric vehicles from about 2035.


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